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- All Custom Figures of Specific Players are Listed Under Their Respective Team



- Comming Soon


  • Each customized figure shown on ths webiste uses many different sources to achieve a unique but accurate finished product. These sources include Marvel Legends, GI JOE Sigma Six, Transformers, and the outstanding McFarlane Sportspicks as a base.

  • Each figure is completely disassembled, primed, painted, and decaled to the specifications of each character's look, or player's team, uniform, and personal flair. This is a process that can take an enormous amount of time and dedication.

  • In some cases extensive custom sculpting is required to make the base figure evolve into it's new form. This process can takes several weeks to complete. It is truly a labor of love.



  • DISCLAIMER - This website is in no way affiliated with the NFL, NBA, NHL, NBA, NCAA, McFarlane Toys, team, club or institution depicted on this site. All logos, trademarks, and emblems are the distinct property of those individual institutions. Each customized figure is created for individual display and ownership. Mass production or replication of any figure is explicitly refused, and quite frankly, impossible. Each and every figure created and depicted on this website is a one of a kind, piece of art that has it's own unique design atributes. These figures are created and sold as specialized pieces of art designed for a collector and not for mass production retail sales. This website serves as an online showcase of my work.